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Registering to Vote

  • How can I see if I'm already registered to vote?

    • Check the link above even if you know you're registered.  Routine roll purges sometimes leave voters surprised on election day that they are not registered (and unable to vote!). Remember: Everytime you change addresses you need to update your voter registration! 


  • How do I register to vote in North Carolina?

    • Via paper or online 
      • We reccommend registering via paper to ensure all steps are completed correctly. Need a paper form? Drop by Community-Engaged Leadership Outreach Center Mondays-Fridays 10-2pm and have one of our nonpartisan front desk workers assist you. We will even turn your form in to Watuaga Board of Elections for you! 
      • Do you live on campus? Check out our App State Residence Hall Tool to assist with addresses.
    • For helpful resources to assist you in voting as a college student visit




 Know Your Voting Rights