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Registering to Vote / Requesting an Absentee Ballot

Should I register to vote using my permanent address or campus address?

If you are eligible to vote, you will need to decide whether you will choose to vote using your permanent (home) address or your university address.

  • Each student's situation is different and decisions will need to be made on an individual level.
  • If you're from out-of-state, please talk with your parents/guardians and learn about any potential barriers or requirements in your home state. Find the requiremens to vote in your state here
  • By choosing to register and vote in Watauga County, access to the polls during early-voting or on election day is easier and more streamlined than voting via absentee ballot.
  • Note: if you have moved (even within the Town of Boone or Watauga County) since you last registered to vote, you MUST re-register now at your new address!

How to Register to Vote in Watauga County

Are you Registered to vote? Check your registration status here!

Anyone seeking to register to vote in Watauga County MUST complete a North Carolina voter registration application

  • When filling out a North Carolina voter registration application, all fields that are highlighted in red are required fields. Failure to complete these fields will result in a rejection of the registration application. 
  • Although optional, it is strongly recommended that students include either their NC Drivers License number OR the last 4 digits of their Social Security Number on the form for identification purposes. It is also recommended that students include their phone number in case there are questions surrounding the registration form.
  • On-Campus Students: To register on-campus, a student will need both their residential address (the street address of their residence hall) and their mailing address (their ASU Box address) to complete the North Carolina voter registration application. (For a list of ASU residence hall street addresses click here.
  • Completed registration forms can be mailed to:
    Watauga County Board of Elections
    PO Box 528
    Boone, NC 28607
  • Completed registration forms can be submitted in person to the Watauga County Board of Elections at:
    842 W. King St, Suite 6
    Boone, NC 28607

What do I need to bring with me to vote here in Watauga County?

Voters will not be required to show photo ID for the primary election on March 3, 2020. In a December 31, 2019 order, a federal district court blocked North Carolina's voter photo ID requirement from taking effect. The injunction will remain in place until further order of the court. 

Voting Using an Absentee Ballot

  • Students that choose to remain registered to vote with their permanent address (NC) can request an Absentee Ballot here. Requests for an Absentee Ballot must be received by the NC State Board of Elections no later than 7 days before Election Day at 5pm.
  • Further instructions and information related to voting by mail with an Absentee Ballot can be found here
  • Out-of-state: Complete an Absentee Ballot request and get more information here about absentee voting in states other than NC.  

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