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Welcome to your go-to resource for civic literacy at Appalachian State University and throughout Watauga County!

AppVotes and Community-Engaged Leadership are committed to empowering students with the tools they need to make their voices heard.

Dive into our comprehensive voter registration guides, create your personalized voting strategy, and stay informed about the crucial issues on the ballot in the next election. Whether you're a first-time voter or a seasoned participant in our democratic process, we're here to support you every step of the way. 

Fourteen North Carolina Schools Earned a 'Voter Friendly Campus' Designation This Year

You have to be 18 to vote, which means a lot of people’s first time casting a ballot is in college.

That’s why Appalachian State University's Director of the Office of Community-Engaged Leadership Heather Jo Mashburn says higher education institutions should support them in doing that.

“We believe that we have an important role to play in preparing our students to participate in a democracy," she said. "And doing that very intentionally and in a disciplined way to be nonpartisan is really our goal.”


Mar 6
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